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Virtual Pros

Dec 11, 2019

It's the last episode of 2019 and we have a holiday buyers guide for you and all your wrestling gift needs! PLUS: The ratings truther scourge, Wrestle Kingdom, Maria and Ted’s Bogus Journey, one of the greatest matches in WWE history, Nick Gage, the olden days of TNA and tons more!

Nov 26, 2019

It's the milestone 100th episode as we look back and celebrate our favorite memories and accomplishments, as well as make a HUGE announcement that's pretty time sensitive so you'll want to listen ASAP. Plus! All the emails, 2 man scrambles and mixtapes you can handle. Cover art by contest winner Matt Botvin.

Nov 15, 2019

On the eve of 100, we tell you all the goals we wish to achieve before hanging up the headphones for good. PLUS: What makes a deathmatch, puking because of Tanahashi's beauty, Kenny Omega and Moxley have the most brutal match in the history of the world, fantasy basketball chat, RIP Matt Travis, Young Becky, Gringos...

Nov 5, 2019

The greatest times wrestling has crossed over to the mainstream! PLUS: A fish market street fight, peanut butter chat, XPW, the road to Wrestle Kingdom, AEW’s catchphrase factory, a new contest of sorts, ISW lego death match and so much more!

Oct 18, 2019

We're back after a little vacation with a catch up on the 17 brand new wrestling shows. Plus Kana at seafood city, a heartfelt apology, Omega vs. Janela & POISON TABLES, Fire Pro DLC being a billion dollar industry, which joshi is joining Terrace House, Keith Knox, and many many MANY e-mails.