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Virtual Pros

Jan 27, 2016

A very INSIDE BASEBALL type of episode. Al & Mike talk about the message board that shaped their adulthood: DVDVR. A CRAZY BIG BOSS MAN EMAIL, Hayabusa gems are reviewed, Mike professes his love for a certain Japanese woman, and an unsolicited review of the Sunny p-no. Gross, yo. VRTL MIXTAPE -

Jan 12, 2016

Mike & Al discuss the events that shook their damn cores and made them the prowrestling fans that they are today. They also start an artisan YouTube playlist containing only the finest in fake fighting. AOL Grandstand, Sena Wakana & Chocoball Mukai trigger warnings in this episode. Also Al unironically rates matches...

Jan 6, 2016

新日本プロレス talk, Mike gets upset that he watched 14 year girls wrestle on account of an Al suggestion, and we predict what kind of gimmick Swagsuke da Gawd gets when he makes main roster. Waido Balleto? He's gonna be in the league, huh.